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What are closing costs and why do I have to pay them?

Closing costs are expenses, usually paid by the buyer, that are incurred when transferring ownership of property. Depending on the city, county and state where the property is located, the cost for items such as transfer tax, recording fees, title insurance and other related services will vary.

Place your cursor in the fields and fill in the requested information to the best of your knowledge. Use the tab key on your keyboard to move through the form. Once the required fields are completed, the form will automatically populate with the information you have requested.

$ Loan Origination Fee
$ Loan Discount
$ Appraisal Fee
$ Credit Report
$ Lender's Inspection Fee
$ Mortgage Broker Fee
$ Tax Related Service Fee
$ Processing Fee
$ Underwriting Fee
$ Wire Transfer Fee
$ Mortgage Insurance Premium
$ Hazard Insurance Premium
$ Tax and Assessment
$ Closing or Escrow Fee
$ Notary Fee
$ Attorney Fee
$ Title Insurance
$ Recording Fees
$ City/County Tax/Stamps
$ State Tax/Stamps
$ Pest and Other Inspection Fees
$ Other Fees Not Listed Above
$ Total Fees

Note: This calculator is provided to give you a general idea. We cannot guarantee the accuracy or the applicability to your situation. Please consult a qualified professional. If you use a 0% interest value, the calculator will automatically use a default value of .001. Please be aware that the values may vary slightly.

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